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Based on Christopher Moore’s hilarious, best-selling novel, sub-titled “The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal.” Biff is brought back to earth to write a new gospel that today’s youth can relate to. He shows a previously unseen side of the life of his buddy Jesus, played out against a romantic triangle involving Maggie (Mary Magdalene), the girl of both of their dreams.



A re-visioning of the 1966 cult-classic film that featured a science-fiction premise – what if you were really given a second chance? – set against a realistic background. In development as an AMC series in conjunction with Breaking Bad executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein.


A remake of the classic science fiction film from 1980, in which a nuclear aircraft carrier in Hawaiian waters is transported back in time to just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Current computer graphics technology and a premise bolstered by recent scientific discoveries make this story based on the fundamental time travel paradox—can you change the present by changing the past?—newly appealing to today’s audiences. 


Currently in development as an HBO Mini-Series, as a co-production with Michael Douglas's Furthur Films. Intended to air over "seven nights in May" 2017. Based on a hit film and best-selling novel from the time when the Cold War was at its coldest. This classic “what if?” suspense drama about the uncovering of a military coup to take over the US government turns even more chilling when set against the backdrop of today’s political turmoil, both domestic and international. 


The original film was a huge success when it was released in 1958 and spawned a popular television series. The story, which revolves around two Vikings who, unaware they are half-brothers, vie for a throne and beautiful princess, is ripe for a re-working along the lines of 300’s look back at the days of ancient Sparta.


The 1966 original, set in the international world of Formula One racing, is considered the greatest motorsport film ever, particularly prized for its innovative, spectacular action sequences. A remake using contemporary cinematic techniques that can bring audiences even closer to the action is a natural for a generation raised on Grand Theft Auto.  


A young New York woman heads for the wedding from hell: Not only is the bridegroom her ex-boyfriend, but the bride, her “entitled” cousin, is being taken over by a demonic spirit. This high-concept, low-budget horror comedy promises to be the perfect date flick. 


An African man forced to become an assassin when he was a boy escapes to life as a cabdriver in New York City, only to find he must summon his old skills to save a Russian woman and her young son. This is a tough, inexpensive suspense thriller whose action is played out against a strong dramatic throughline.


An ace safecracker learns of his hidden identity while pulled in to an eons-old battle between two secret societies composed of grail knights and vampires. This script presents a uniquely occult and darkly romantic twist on the vampire film, a genre whose current popularity shows no sign of letting up.


A high-powered female executive becomes subject to a series of increasingly horrific, real-seeming dreams stemming from long-repressed childhood and family secrets. This highly charged horror film with strong sexual undercurrents has been conceived as a hard “R” film that can be made on a limited budget.   


This is a partial selection of the Vincent Pictures production slate. Please contact us for further information and with any questions you may have.

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